SAP HANA FastLaunch™ Workshop

Fast-track and launch your SAP HANA project

Offering the most comprehensive project planning & preparation session for your SAP HANA initiative.

Whether you’re considering BW on HANA, Business Suite on HANA, or S/4, our SAP HANA FastTrack workshop is designed to fast-track the launch of your SAP HANA initiative. We begin with an in-depth analysis of the current business and technical environment, which is then used to develop a long-term plan and migration strategy for SAP HANA.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will have all of the components necessary to launch a successful HANA project, including detailed hardware and sizing recommendations, comprehensive implementation project plan, required project team makeup, project timelines and milestones, along with a detailed understanding of the total implementation cost.

SAP HANA FastLaunch Workshop – Summary

1 – 2 week duration
Review current BW and/or EDW environment(s) for opportunities to reduce data and remove un-needed objects
Conduct a pre-check for HANA migration requirements
Planning workshops to support existing infrastructure, Basis, and in-house support staff.
Provide a detailed HANA sizing and architectural planning document for the migration or implementation project
Following completion of workshop, your company should be well positioned to make a decision on how to approach and execute your HANA migration/implementation project, and have a solid estimate on costs and efforts


Comprehensive project plan for SAP HANA Migration or Implementation, including project schedule and milestone activities
Estimated project cost and effort required broken down by key tasks, such as hardware installs, NLS, Unicode, Security conversions, BEx Migrations, DTP, cleanup of logs, aggregates, statistical tables, PSA, and database stats
Propose HANA Migration/Implementation staffing plan
Training plan for infrastructure and support team
High-level budget for the hardware and migration project
Proposed migration approach (DMO/PCA/other components) and overall detailed scope statement
An optional one-day modeling and development training class can be added, targeted for the HANA development staff

Phase I Activities

HANA Administration Workshop – Introduction to SAP HANA BASIS and administration tasks. Audience includes DBAs, BASIS Administrator, Systems Administration, UNIX Administration, and Security
BASIS Workshop – Audience includes staff supporting hardware environment and will focuses on BASIS/hardware and sizing
BW Administrator Workshop – Audience should include staff supporting housekeeping and data reduction planning efforts
Project Manager & BI Lead Workshop – Discussions will be focused on future usage of SAP HANA and project approach

Phase II Activities

Findings and Recommendations Workshop – Review of findings and recommendations. A working session to review findings and recommendations, providing an opportunity to make final adjustments.
Delivery of final documentation and conference call to review

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