SAP HANA Business Case Development Workshop

Curious about how your business can benefit from using SAP HANA?

Development of use cases as a way for IT practitioners to translate the promise of SAP HANA to their business stakeholders.

While IT practitioners have a general understanding of the capabilities and functionality of the SAP HANA technology, it is best to partner with the business owners in identifying and developing the business case to support the investment, as they are best equipped to envision the real opportunities.

However, the real value and the business case to invest in SAP HANA will depend on your business’s individual situation. The goal is to identify a quick-win use case that creates that aha moment with the business stakeholders.

To facilitate this process, Comerit offers its SAP HANA Business Case Development Workshop.

Working closely with the IT and Business leaders within your organization, our industry experts provide:

– An overview of the SAP HANA platform and capabilities: setting the stage for further discussions and providing a platform to get answers to outstanding questions.
– Identification and prioritization of real business needs or problems that the business users would like to see resolved, and for which the HANA platform can effectively provide a solution.
– Identification of the business sponsor to make sure we are speaking their language, whether this be finance or marketing. Quite often, we will bring in former CIO’s and business executives who have successfully implemented the SAP HANA technology while working in their respective industries.
– Recommendation of SAP HANA implementation/migration strategy.
– Discuss opportunities to leverage Suite on HANA, S/4 HANA and, technology like Hybris
– Provide a high level cost estimate for moving the business to SAP HANA platform.


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