Sensory Network

Instead of aggregating every data point in an enterprise, we associate what’s new with legacy data to train your technology

By connecting all systems via sensory nodes we connect your workforce internally. This helps to train intelligent systems to complete non human tasks such as data emersion, byproduct optimization, and connecting human resources remotely.

Leverage machine learning to guide your technology on how to best perform non-vital tasks.

Use Cases

We leverage AvaSense technology to provide an intelligence layer to organizations. The most frequent deployments of AI seek to automate sytems to gather more data to vizualize. We take the next best actions to a whole new level. Now your systems can respond and evolve their own capabilities.


We use varying combinations of machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing and robotic process automation to detect and respond to gaps.


Creating platform agnostic points of engagement, allows us to rapidly get in front of the right people on a whim, to empower humans to become more transparent when it comes to relevant data.


Using our inference engine as a backbone to all of the in transit data in an organization, we help organizations and their leaders generate Problem to Solution scenarios on the fly.


“We are now able to see what applications are being used and how well they are performing. Not only that, but our solution tells us how effectively our employees are using those applications. If there’s an inefficiency in our team’s application usage, we know immediately.”
– Logistics Global Team


“On speed to development, now we can build things once, and build them quickly. We’re seeing gains of 70, 80, 90 percent efficiency and speed to market.”
– State of Maine


“We needed to leverage AI to gain better insights into our customer needs and provide more personalized marketing, sales, and service. We just didn’t know the right questions to ask. By sensing where disruptions and anomalies were, it got us thinking in the right direction.”
– Airbnb Team