SAP HANA Health Check & Optimization

While assisting numerous clients with their SAP HANA migrations efforts, we realized that with the proper memory management processes and tools in place that our clients were able to safely offload an unbelievable 30% of the data being stored in SAP HANA memory to a more economical disk storage solution, without impacting user performance. In doing so, they have been able to optimize their SAP HANA licensing and delay the need for investing in costly hardware upgrades an average of 1-2 years. This finding led us to develop and make available Comerit’s SAP HANA Health Check & Optimization Workshop.

In addition to introducing proper memory management concepts, this workshop provides a comprehensive review of the HANA environment that is designed to uncover potential issues with HANA parameter settings, gaps in audit and security configuration, and identifying opportunities to achieve overall improved performance of the HANA system.

With the release of SAP HANA, is SAP BW dead?

With the release of SAP HANA and the move to real-time-analytics and reporting, we often hear the question – Is BW dead? The short answer to this is no, but the way we use BW today has greatly evolved from the way we used it 18 years ago. Databases are larger, reporting is now mobile, and real-time reporting is the way of the future. With the introduction to SAP BW 7.4, it is clear that the future of BW resides on SAP HANA, leading many customers to migrating existing SAP BW system to the SAP HANA platform.

Workshop Duration

  • 3 days onsite
  • 2 days offsite preparation.

Performed tasks & Deliverables

  • Review of system SAP HANA and/or application configuration and parameter settings
  • Review and recommendations for any specific outstanding issues
  • SAP HANA sizing and growth review and recommendations
  • Determine if Comerit’s Memory Management Tool and processes can assist in managing memory utilization with the goal of extending life cycle of current SAP HANA licensing
  • Recommendations for overall system improvements and parameter changes

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