Leverage Comerit’s BI Factory and Managed Services to enhance your company’s BI delivery capabilities by securing access to Comerit SAP BI, SAP HANA, and SAP BusinessObjects experts located in our North Carolina Comerit Labs facility. Our services provide a complete end-to-end solution to support your SAP BI and HANA environments and can be customized to augment your existing team to support peak reporting and special needs. Services allow clients to maintain a stable SAP BI environment monitored and supported by highly skilled experts, while meeting specific budget objectives. We eliminate the need for continuous onboarding of talent to support peak needs by making a team of experts, familiar with your environment and business, available for repeat and ongoing support.

Some Key Advantages

Low-cost access to highly skilled expertise within SAP BI, SAP HANA & SAP BusinessObjects technologies

On-shore U.S. Based Services

  • Natural English Speaking
  • Developers able to attend onsite meetings
  • Low Employee Turnover
  • U.S. Intellectual Property Laws

Supported by the entire Comerit Ecosystem

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Access to SAP BI, SAP HANA, and SAP BusinessObjects CoE, Demo, & PoC environments
  • Access to Comerit’s Strategic Engagement Group (CSEG) for escalation of specific technical issues
  • Access to SAP Training & Comerit’s proprietary Self Services Training Platform
  • Access to Comerit SAP BI, SAP HANA, and BusinessObjects and reporting Workshops

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Why choose Comerit’s US based managed services over offshore solutions?

Attrition rates are extremely high within regions where offshore services are typically provided

  • May lead to disruptions in service or inconsistent or lower quality of deliverables
  • Loss of client-specific knowledge
  • Additional time spent training new employees

Lack of experienced SAP BI talent found within the region.

  • The availability of experienced SAP BI talent within many of the popular outsourcing regions is extremely low, making it necessary to utilize more junior, less experienced talent

Geographical challenges

  • Difficult, if not impossible, to attend onsite meetings
  • Issues in coordinating time zones
  • Often located in countries with limited or difficult-to-enforce intellectual property laws.