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Deep Learning Increases Oil Production by 30% While Reducing CAPEX

Oil and gas operations produce an overwhelming amount of data. Our Intelligent Augmentation (IA) platform manages extensive amount of data with ease so you’re able to monitor operations, identify risks and opportunities, assess environmental impacts, and forecast solutions efficiently. was built to easily connect with IT assets and applications that you already have in place, allowing you to quickly adopt AI into your current systems without extensive or costly implementation.

Benefit from critical insights that were once inaccurate or inaccessible.

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Around 20% of the wells of any oil or gas field are sick due to mechanical failure, formation damage, reservoir problems, water encroachment, completion concerns or lifting problems. Reviving these sick wells involves an integrated asset team. They rank and analyze a large volume of different data types from multiple domains, identify the cause and revival methods of the sick wells, and estimate production gains and losses.


Well modeling estimates the pressure profile [pressure at different points along with tubing (pipeline)] along the wellbore. This pressure profiling, along with nodal analysis, estimates the production rates (oil and gas) of the well. The conditions prevailing at the wall, or in the neighborhood of a borehole, often influence the selected development scheme of a field and the completion procedures used for each well.


Monitoring the quality of vital oil and gas production fluids and addressing irregularities is a rigorous undertaking. The discovery of unknown bodies in these fluids can disrupt production, jeopardize process integrity, and may require costly equipment or vessel repair, intervention or replacement. When the presence of contaminated water visibly infiltrates offshore platforms or structures, a fast, efficient analysis is crucial.


Oil price, operational expenditure (OPEX), royalty and tax are measures that rank a sick oil well. Our model offers an easy tool to track the trends of this data, forecast rankings and identify solutions based on different assumption variables, project summary, net present value (NPV), well problem types and analytics of case assumptions.


Decline Curve is a method for estimating reserves and predicting the rate of oil or gas production. It typically shows the pace at which production is expected to decline over the lifetime of an energy asset. Knowing the curve also enables a producer to estimate the reserves number that derives from a well throughout its lifetime, present and future value and asset depreciation rate.


Oil and gas pipeline management analysis helps with maintaining pipeline infrastructure and ongoing daily operations. Oil and gas pipeline management is necessary to reduce the chances of leakage in pipelines spread over thousands of miles and plays an important role in automation and security with SCADA software.

A Custom Oil & Gas Analytics Suite to Plan, Predict and Manage Your Impactful Business Data

From device to enterprise, our Intelligent Augmentation platform applies artificial intelligence to transform your big data into connected oil and gas analytics. Use our model to gain accurate operational insights and financial management that will help optimize capital spend, reduce overall costs and increase revenue in your business.

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