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Machine Learning Increases the Value of Whole Person Care by 30% While Reducing Costs

In an industry that relies so heavily on a multitude of records and accurate data, the opportunities for Intelligent Augmentation (IA) application are endless. Healthcare is a notable example of work that requires more input than what Artificial Intelligence can gather alone, which is why Comerit emphasizes the power of augmentation rather than pure automation. The role of a human healthcare expert is essential to establish emotional trust, make observations and overall educated decisions based off of several different variables—and this is where leveraging IA as an informative tool can help those experts thrive. Our IA program is built with pre-trained machine learning models that can consume an infinite amount of past medical records and combine that with the data entered by doctors and other healthcare workers to display real-time interpretations, suggest possible solutions and forecast future needs.

Rather than being overwhelmed by increasing amounts of data, get more out of it.

Our algorithm does all the heavy translating for you and quickly identifies patterns, potential risks and hidden insights to help you make precise decisions within your business.

Proven Ready-to-Go Use Cases

Pre-Trained Machine Learning Models and Prebuilt Data Engineering for Accelerating AI Implementation


Patient health risks can be confusing. However, knowing the risks you and your family may face can help you find ways to avoid health problems. It can also keep you from fretting over unlikely threats. By knowing the risks and benefits of medical treatment, you and your doctor can make more informed decisions. Several characteristics, called risk factors determine whether your health risks are high or low.


Percentage of readmitted patients is an important balancing measure to indicate if changes to patient flow through the system are negatively affecting care. Tracking the number of patients who experience unplanned readmissions to a hospital after a previous hospital stay is one category of data used to evaluate the quality of hospital care.


Our machine learning program uses data from thousands of hospitalized patients, to display a conclusive visual model of LOS days, accuracy of discharge and LOS predictions, projected bed occupancy, average bed turns, dead bed time and variance of average LOS in hospitals that have proven to surpass traditional models in all cases.


Accurately identifying inpatient and outpatient claims, as well as avoiding the issues of sending incorrect claims to insurers, will help save stakeholders, health insurers and providers a significant amount of time, money and effort. Tracking these measurements in our model will also help to improve the management of accounts receivable, which directly impacts cash flows for the facility.


Track P4P (aka value-based payment) factors of patient experience, cost per capita and quality of care. The objective of the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program is to improve healthcare quality and patient experience by leveraging financial carrots and sticks to encourage hospitals to follow established best clinical practices and improve patient satisfaction scores via Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Survey.


Adapting new behaviors is essential for patients and healthcare providers. For patients, dealing with a chronic condition may require a greater awareness of nutrition, medications and activity level. Healthcare professionals must be able to identify the changes that need to be made by having an understanding of the patient’s behavior patterns, which our model makes easy with a combined monitoring of activity, lifestyle, fitness and pressure.

Know your members, their utilization and forecast their future care needs

From device to enterprise, our Intelligent Augmentation platform displays connected healthcare analytics to assist physicians on the most important insights of your business

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