Global Services

Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

With our Global Services model, organizations get the cost efficiency of offshoring, but with the convenience and seamlessness of onshore


Seamless working across time-zones on and offsite facilitates 24/7 support to tackle every project requirement.

Compatible communication:

Meetings with customer base by local onsite team helps create accurate understanding of project needs with zero communication gap. Interactions concerning knowledge transfer between the onsite and offshore U.S. career leadership synchronizes objectives concerning project progression.

Quick turn-around-time (TAT ):

Hybrid models contributes the least turn-around-time for issue resolutions.

Access to world class expertise:

One of the crucial advantages of choosing an offshore software development team is that you get a vast talent pool of programmers and software engineers. As a business, you can expand your horizon to a greater extent

Culture Awareness:

Since the model involves interaction in-between two different teams having mostly different cultural backgrounds, it invites different perspectives to work culture resulting in a win-win situation for overall business growth. Our offshore leadership forged their skills with over 20 plus years in Silicon Valley, CA, USA