SAP HANA Administration Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to ensure your team is ready to support the new SAP HANA environment and provide a general review and health check, minimizing the risk of future downtime due to setup and configuration errors. In addition to providing a general overview of SAP HANA, participants will gain all the training necessary for proper administration of an SAP HANA environment. This workshop is intended for organizations that have recently implemented SAP HANA or plan to do so in the near future.

Workshop Overview

During this five-day workshop, Comerit professionals will perform a review of the current HANA environment and work with your team to develop specific operational procedures based on your unique environment along with industry best practices. Your team will be provided with the training necessary to properly monitor and maintain a stable and healthy SAP HANA system.

Intended Audience

This workshop is intended for technical personnel and administrators who will be responsible for the the day-to-day monitoring and maintenance of an SAP HANA environment.

Delivered Content

– HANA Admin overview
– HANA Administration: Landscape Deployment Options, High-Availability, and Backup
– HANA Administration: security, roles, and authorizations
– HANA Administration: Performance monitoring, Load balancing, partitioning, alerts, and unresponsive systems handling
– HANA Administration: License key updates, software updates, support information collection, ticket management
– HANA infrastructure Review
– Start Execution of HWCCT and HANA Minichecks and review results
– Review sizing and growth
– Review infrastructure procedures
– Review current SAP HANA administration procedures
– Discuss additional procedures to be implemented
– Review monitoring setup
– Discuss additional monitoring to be put in place
– HANA Administration Procedures
– Draft operational procedures
-Create presentation of findings and next steps
– Present workshop outcome to key stakeholders

Get your team the training they need to support SAP HANA.

Discover why Comerit’s SAP HANA Administration workshop makes sense for any organization migrating to the SAP HANA platform.