SAP BI HANA Boot Camp Training

Whether your organization is just getting started with SAP HANA or has already gone live, Comerit’s SAP HANA Boot Camp was designed to provide a cost-effective means to provide a comprehensive overview and the training necessary to get the most out of your SAP HANA investment.
Unlike other offerings available in the market today, each of our boot camp sessions can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, eliminating unnecessary content an focusing additional time and attention on those areas of most interest.

A typical 3-day Boot Camp Training Schedule

Day 1 – HANA

– HANA Exercise 1 – Navigating the environment
– HANA Exercise 2 – Creating and defining HANA tables
– HANA Exercise 3 – Loading data with BO Data Services to SAP HANA
– HANA Exercise 4 – Creating attribute and analytical views
– HANA Exercise 5 – Connecting BO Explorer to HANA
– HANA Exercise 6 – Connecting WebI to HANA and building reports
– BOBJ tools and connectivity to HANA
– Wrap-up Day 1 and Q&A

Day 2 – BW on HANA

– HANA Exercise 9 – Live overview & building universes on views
– HANA Exercise 10 – Calculation views
– SAP BW on HANA Review of Version 7.4
– SAP BW on HANA Demos and Development approach
– Hardware options, vendors and capabilities for BW, BusinessSuite, Native, and RDSs
– Wrap-up Day 2 and Q&A

Day 3 – HANA Administration

– HANA Administration: Landscape Deployment Options, High-Availability, and Backup
– HANA Exercise 7 – HANA admin part 1
– HANA Exercise 8 – HANA admin part 2
– HANA Administration: Security, Roles, and Authorizations
– HANA Administration: Performance monitoring, Load balancing, partitioning, alerts, and unresponsive systems handling
– HANA Administration: License key updates, software updates, support information collection, ticket management
– Wrap-up Day 3 and Q&A

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