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Comerit’s On-demand Online Training Platform solves many of the problems associated with delivering the ongoing SAP BI reporting tools training required to support your SAP BI user community.  While there are a number of training courses available covering SAP reporting, we discovered that up to 40% of the content provided in the most popular courses is irrelevant to BI users, with significant time wasted on technical product setup and administration activities.  Additionally, we found that once a course had been completed, users often forget some of the learned concepts and have no place to turn. Quite often this leads to a request for costly and timely retraining, or worse, the SAP BI solution being dropped altogether.

Comerit’s SAP BI training platform looks to solve these issues and more by providing an environment where BI users can learn a skill exactly when it is required, and refresh certain concepts as needed without putting any additional demand on the SAP BI support organization and without the cost and time associated with traditional off-site training courses.

Users have 24/7 access to a complete catalog of top quality online courses that cover the latest SAP BI and BusinessObjects reporting tools. These courses include step-by-step instructions, video walkthroughs, hands-on exercises, along with a built-in testing and completion process designed to assess a user’s knowledge of the covered material.

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  • Reduces cost and improves quality of training for SAP BI user community
  • Increases user adaption of SAP BI solution and reporting tools
  • Users train anywhere, anytime and from any device, eliminating the need to travel
  • Users can refresh on any concept as required and as often as they like
  • Training content is constantly being updated
Latest SAP BI Courses
Roll out a course catalog of the latest SAP BI and SAP HANA tools to get the user community using the system quickly. Course catalog is continuously updated at no cost.
24/7 Learning
Online courses are available around the clock from anywhere and from any device.
Consistent & Timely
Provide consistent and cost effective rollouts of new project deployments along with the ability to efficiently train newly added team members.
All Skill Levels
Courses designed for all positions within the organization, from IT developers to business users. Courses contain beginner, intermediate, and advanced material.
Testing & Certification
Comprehensive testing and certification of completed courses. Allows for integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS).
SAP BI User Adoption
Increases and accelerates user adoption of new and existing SAP BI applications and tools. Providing the necessary environment to achieve true BI self-service.

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