The most powerful enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence platform for Intelligent Automation

DeepSphere.AI is an extensive learning management system (LMS) built to learn and apply Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Engineering and Advanced Computing. This cloud-based end-to-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is our groundbreaking solution for mainstream companies to re-emerge their businesses to the digital world. Instantly discover invisible business insights on big data using pre-built in-memory data integration, pre-built models, pre-built algorithms and pre-built data visualization.

Comerit’s DeepSphere.AI platform accelerates enterprise AI transformation and enables you to discover measurable business values quickly

Our Industry Solutions

We go above and beyond to solve industry problems instead of simply building POCs and use cases. We quickly realize business values through our pre-built artificial intelligence platform gauranteeing real-time data collection, seamless data integration, data visualization and digital educational services. Our enterprise AI platform provides hundreds of industry-specific, pre-trained, deep learning AI models and proven industry use cases that will help save an ample amount of the time, costs and risks that are typically associated with implementation.


Machine learning increases the value of whole person care by 30% while also reducing costs. Know your members, their utilization and forecast of their future care needs with AI.



Our AI solution develops intelligent building, which consumes 30-40% less energy and results in 10-12% lower energy costs with valuations that are 7.5% higher than those with traditional systems.



Natural language processing increases consistent customer experience across all channels by 50%. Utilizing AI will reinvent your customer engagement, product marketing, inventory and more.



Deep learning increases oil production by 30% while reducing CAPEX. Optimize capital spend through AI field analysis, well analysis, and predictive analytics.


Our Differentiators

Our team is comprised of MIT learning facilitators, Harvard PhDs, Standofrd alumni, leading management consulting experts, industry leaders and proven entrepreneurs. Collectively, our team brings business and technology together with risk-free implementation of artificial intelligence for enterprise. By utilizing our experts with extensive knowledge in your specific industry, we can ensure that both our product and team members you work with are built to be compatible from start to finish. Get the most out of IA with a team that understands your business and simplifies the process so you can get more out of your data instantly.


Dominate with confidence! Talk with an expert today to discuss the opportunities of Intelligent Augmentation implementation with your business’s current systems and applications.


Our customer workshop demonstrates the path to adopting quickly measurable business values through proven IA industry use cases and how they will be applied in your business processes.


We provide an Intelligent Augmentation lab that enables businesses to immediately get started with IA implementation without expending considerable resources and time on complex technologies.

The first and only Enterprise AI Platform at a scale