SAP HANA Services

In this fast moving world, adopting SAP HANA is no longer a question of ‘if’, but rather a question of ‘when’ to move to this in-memory platform. Instead of making decisions based on last week’s statistics or yesterday’s data, SAP HANA enables businesses to capture data in real-time so that decision-makers can make better choices using up-to-date information. SAP HANA can set the foundation for new initiatives and processes not previously possible, by leveraging the latest SAP has to offer.

How does SAP HANA run on real time? SAP HANA leverages core process accelerators to speed up business reporting and utilizes planning and optimization applications to handle complex scheduling for faster results. It also provides in-depth insight through text search, text mining, and predictive analysis.

Unlike traditional database management systems, SAP HANA can handle both transactional workloads and analytical workloads at the same time, allowing organizations to work on a single source for planning, executing, reporting, and analysis all on live source data.

Why Comerit for SAP HANA?


Certified SAP HANA Partner

Due to our early adoption and extensive success in working with the SAP HANA solution on some of the highest profile accounts, Comerit was recognized as the first SAP partner to be certified by SAP on solutions powered by SAP HANA.


Comerit Labs

Our Comerit Labs organization can be leveraged to provide development, testing, and customized training.


Strategic Partner with SAP

We enjoy a unique and well-established relationship with SAP, which is a result from our early adoption and success in working with SAP HANA, combined with our extensive deep HANA technical expertise and thought leadership. This relationship provides us with the opportunity to maintain personal relationships with personal contacts from SAP Development teams located in Waldorf, Palo Alto, and SAP Labs Canada.


Certified SAP HANA Partner

Due to our early adoption and extensive success in working with the SAP HANA solution on some of the highest profile accounts, Comerit was recognized as the first SAP partner to be certified by SAP on solutions powered by SAP HANA.


Real World Experience

You are going to want a partner with real world experience working with SAP HANA. Comerit has completed more SAP BW HANA migrations than any other SAP Partner, including the world’s largest on record, a 60TB database. We completed the first production HANA migration using the SAP DMO tool along with performing one of the first SAP HANA live installs.


Strategic Advisory

With numerous publications, industry appearances, seminars, and whitepapers, our thought leaders are internationally recognized experts in BI and SAP HANA. Our leaders work with you to identify the best technology solution and approach to your business needs, allowing you to maximize your technology investments and ensure long-term alignment with the technology solution roadmap.


Proprietary On-demand Online Self Service Training Platform

Ensuring we do more than just implement a great solution, we also have the tools in place to effectively and efficiently train the user community on how to use it.

SAP BW on HANA & Suite on HANA Migration Services

Whether you’re considering a SAP BW on HANA or Suite on HANA migration, Comerit leverages the best practices and lessons learned from our vast HANA Migration engagements to recommend and implement the best solution to fit our clients’ individual environment and business requirements.

Comerit is a market-leading advisor on SAP HANA®, SAP BusinessObjects™, and business intelligence (BI) solutions. Our extensive work with SAP HANA migrations, which includes the largest migration on record, resulted in Comerit being recognized as the first SAP Partner to be specifically certified by SAP in delivering SAP BW powered by HANA solutions. Through this certification, SAP validates that Comerit has clearly demonstrated the ability to successfully implement the SAP BW on HANA solution across multiple customer engagements in alignment with SAP’s best practices and methodology for fast and efficient implementations.

Comerit’s credentials and experience in successfully completing SAP BW on HANA migrations are second to none.

– First SAP partner to be certified by SAP on solutions powered by SAP HANA
Completed more production SAP BW HANA migrations than any other SAP Partner
– Completed the world’s largest production BW on HANA migration on record, a 60TB Database
– Completed the world’s first production BW on HANA migrations using the SAP DMO tool
– Authored the SAP BW to HANA Migration Handbook along with numerous industry publications and trade seminar appearances

SAP S/4HANA Services

SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA) is the next generation business suite built only for SAP HANA and fully leverages the latest in-memory and real-time capabilities of SAP HANA. S/4HANA provides simplification by simplifying the data model, user experience, decision making, and business processes. S/4HANA can be installed either on-premise, on cloud, or as a hybrid offering real choice for a reduced total cost of ownership.

An Elevated User Experience

SAP S/4HANA was designed to leverage SAP Fiori to provide the most modern role-based user experience. Now users can enjoy a simplified and personalized user experience working from any device, leading to increased productivity and user adoption.

Offered Migrations

– Classical migration of existing SAP Business Suite to Business Suite on HANA
– Migration of the current system to S/4HANA and full or partial deployment of S/4 functionality
– New Implementation of SAP S/4HANA

Big Data – Smarter Data = Better business process

Less Technical code
Access Immediate Actionable Data
Simplify Landscape
Changes the game in Enterprise Platform