SAP BW Upgrade & Implementation Services

Taking SAP BW to the next level.

The delivery teams at Comerit have been helping clients achieve success with their SAP reporting and analysis needs as far back as 1997, when SAP launched its first product for reporting, analysis, and data warehousing as “Business Warehouse Information System”.

Our combined business, technical expertise, and extensive experience working with SAP BW products is invaluable in assisting companies in evaluating and driving their business cases, in addition to assisting with planning and budgeting strategic initiatives across the enterprise. Whether your company is running SAP BW 1.0E or 7.5, Comerit has the expertise to guide your company’s BW initiative.

SAP BW Release and Maintenance Cycle

With the release of SAP HANA, is SAP BW Dead?

With the release of SAP HANA and the move to real time analytics and reporting, we often hear the question – Is BW Dead? The short answer to this is no, but the way we use BW today has greatly evolved from the way we used it 18 years ago. Databases are larger, reporting is now mobile, and real time reporting is the way of the future. Since the introduction to SAP BW 7.4, it is clear that the future of BW resides in SAP HANA, leading many customers to migrate existing SAP BW systems to the SAP HANA platform.

Response times that are 21x faster!

Overall query response times observed from the world’s largest BW to HANA production migration showed approximately 21x faster performance.

Let Comerit assist you in upgrading to SAP BW 7.5 to experience the newest features


Advanced DataStore Objects enabling real-time data streaming

Enhancements to CompositeProviders simplify the user experience

SAP BW Workspace Query Designer allows you to combine your local data with Central Data, BW Queries, and enhance Central BW Queries

Next generation of BW query designer in Eclipse with a modern intuitive UI that covers all the BEx Query Designer functionalities plus extensions