Geospatial & Location Intelligence

Strategic Partner Pitney

Comerit has joined forces with Pitney Bowes, an industry leader in location intelligence, to combine their technologies and expertise within location intelligence (LI) and business intelligence (BI) to provide SAP customers with the most advanced platform to perform location-based business intelligence and analytics.

At Comerit, we recognize that an effective Big Data strategy needs to extend well beyond just the proper capturing and storing of the vast data available in today’s environment.  An organization's ability to quickly and consistently locate and extract the information it needs from this data and gain valuable insights is what differentiates a good company from a great one.

Location, Location, Location.

Businesses are finding value in understanding the “where” factor of the data within their Business Intelligence (BI) solution. The ability to perform location-based queries on data within their BI solution opens new insights in areas such as mobile advertising, social media marketing, and business planning

Working with Pitney Bowes, Comerit has extended the SAP DesignStudio and WebI solutions with the rich mapping capabilities of Spectrum Spatial for Business Intelligence from Pitney Bowes, providing for advanced location-based analytics.

The advantages of incorporating Spectrum Spatial for BI within your SAP BI Solution.

Geographic Visualization

A map allows users to see spatial patterns and trends, and view relative performance data that are often impossible to see using only reports, charts, and graphs.

Bi-Directional Interaction

Spectrum Spatial for BI offers deeper analysis by providing the ability to pass data from a report to a map and from the map back to the report.

Spatial filtering

Geographic filtering enables users to incorporate a spatial dimension to analyze and modify a report to show spatial relationships and clustering trends.

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