Is Your Big Data Big Enough?

Enrich your corporate data to better understand customer segments, manage risk, and make more informed decisions.

Gain greater insight to your customers, prospects, suppliers, and competitors by enriching your existing corporate BI data from a comprehensive catalog of data sources available from Comerit. Add market leading demographic, Industry specific and street level data to gain better insight and ability to perform first rate mapping and geographic analysis and analytics across more than 200 countries worldwide.

Comprehensive geographic and street level data for location based analytics.

Pinpointing customer, vendor, and critical supply chain addresses allows you to look at your proprietary data in a new light, providing multiple layers of geographic information to create detailed interactive maps and query location data for a broader perspective on your business.


Add demographic data to gain valuable insight and better understand your customers.

From planning key strategic marketing initiatives to identifying your most profitable customers, adding demographic data to your BI solution helps you gain a better understanding of your existing and target customers lifestyles and behaviors.

Industry-Specific Insights

Gain a competitive advantage by integrating existing corporate data with available external industry-specific data sources. Current catalog includes, but is not limited to, data specific to Communications, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Restaurant, and Real Estate.

Ready to Enrich Your Corporate Data?