BI Analytics & Reporting

Is Your Company’s Big Data Providing the Big Picture?

In today’s business environment, big data is priceless. However, without the proper Reporting & Analytics Strategy, Tools, and Training, your company may be missing out on valuable insight.

At Comerit, we recognize that an effective Big Data strategy needs to extend well beyond just the proper capturing and storing of the vast data available in today’s environment. An organization’s ability to quickly and consistently locate and extract the information it needs from this data and gain valuable insights is what differentiates a good company from a great one.

Developing the Right Strategy

Leverage Comerit’s decades of experience to ensure you have the best reporting and overall Business Intelligence strategy to bring meaningful insight and value to your business.

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Deploying the Right Tools

Tool selection is critical in providing users with immediate answers to the questions driving the business. Comerit helps you deploy the latest Visualization, Dashboard, and Ad Hoc reporting tools to provide the ultimate BI self-service environment.

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Effectively Training Users

Because the strategy and tools put in place are only as effective as a user’s ability to use them. Comerit’s services extend beyond solution development to include training that leverages the most effective On-demand training platform on the market today.

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Power Up Your Reporting & Analytics with Comerit Labs

Comerit Labs acts as the research, development, application support, and training hub of the Comerit organization augmenting and extending our clients BI Reporting and Analytics capabilities. Located just outside Charlotte, NC, Labs houses dedicated SAP professionals providing access to highly skilled remote onshore custom development, application management services, and customized training solutions. Comerit Labs also offers valuable project services, including development accelerators, a centralized SAP CoE, and the ability to support and build product demonstrations and proof of concepts across a wide combination of SAP and best-of-breed technical environments.

Remote SAP BI Development & Support Services

From providing coverage for peak reporting periods to complete managed services, Comerit Labs provides customized and scalable solutions to deliver remote development and support of SAP BW, BI, HANA, and BusinessObjects (BOBJ), along with other best of bread reporting & analytics technologies.
Our low cost on-shore U.S. based model offers a much needed improvement over traditional offshore services by removing language and time zone barriers, allowing for attendance of onsite meetings, lowering employee turnover, and enforcement of US intellectual property laws.

Training Solutions

Why have the best Reporting and Analytics application if your users don’t utilize it? Training is key to the successful adoption and move to BI self-service, so Comerit Labs has developed the most comprehensive cloud based On-demand Training platform for SAP BI and HANA, providing anywhere, anytime, from any Device training for your entire organization. Comerit Labs also maintains SAP certified trainers on staff, allowing for customized training sessions tailored to meet the individual needs of any organization.

Project Support Services & Accelerators

An added value of Comerit Labs is their ability to support a variety of project needs that may arise. Evaluating the different visualization tools? Let Labs build a demo customized to your specific business needs, highlighting the pro and cons of each tool.
Access Comerit’s comprehensive SAP CoE, providing knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of projects. Leverage a catalog of development templates and accelerators to reduce the overall cost and project delivery time.

Ready for the ultimate BI Experience?