The best personal assistant should have an extremely large set of data so it can adapt to any situation

AVA is an assistive sensory network. Simply chat and interact with your own data to identify opportunities for revenue and engage real time with inefficiencies in your systems and processes.

AvaSense can infer any form of data into next best actions on the spot.

Instant computed solutions derived from mass volumes of global data and its direct correlation to your business needs.

Solutions for a More Intelligent Enterprise

By allowing AvaSense to deploy nodes across all areas of the enterprise executives now control their own data.


Deploy bots and communication systems to any area of your customer engagement model or deploy new interfaces internally to allow AvaSense to solve complex issues.


The data in between two points is always the highest value data. It teaches systems how to better serve more people during a single data transfer. This maximizes market impact.


It’s no secret businesses run on cloud and local, leverage SAAS products, and have multiple technology investments across multiple departments and regions. AvaSense Unites them all.


“Comerit’s employee/client engagement solution allows our best agents to get off mundane tasks and focus on value added services. Our most skilled resources are solving our most complex cases.”
– Dell Team


“In less than a year we went from vision to reality, and you guys can do that too, and that was with all the help of systems that leveraged our current data lakes”
– GE Team


“We’re saving about 33 minutes per case. We’re also saving about 91% on the complex and 99% on the standard cases.”
– Sun Life Financial Team


We want you to be just as confident in implementing AI into your business as we are! Talk with an expert today to discuss where to best deploy AvaSense in your systems.


Sometimes new technology sounds too good to be true, but seeing is believing. We’ll show you how AvaSense works and can be applied in your own business processes.


Evolve your data into a rapid response solution tool that acts to empower your team’s business decisions and increase overall workflow efficiently like never before.